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Leonardo’s Notebooksca.1492+
De Humani Corporis FabricaAndreas Vesalius —1543
Tabulae AnatomicaeJulius Casserius —1626+
Midwifery IllustratedJacques-Pierre Maygrier —1850
Grundriss zum Studium der GeburtshülfeErnst Bumm and Albrecht Mayer —1902
A Cross-Section AnatomyEycleshymer, Schoemaker and Longacre —1929
Netter on AnatomyFrank Netter —1936+
Topographische Anatomie des MenschenEduard Pernkopf —1937+
Man in Structure and FunctionFritz Kahn —1943
The Morophology of Human Blood CellsDorothy Sturm —1956


VenetieAnton Kolb/Jacopo de' Barbarica.1514
Kort over DanmarkDanish National Mapping —1552+
EverestPart I – The Early Maps —1718+
EverestPart II – The Later Maps —1955+
The Last Place on EarthBouvet Island —1739+
The Grand CanyonPart I – The Colorado River Maps —1858+
The Grand CanyonPart II – The Bright Angel Maps —1903+
GettysburgJohn Bachelder —1863+
The National AtlasPart I – The Statistical Altas of the United States —1874
The National AtlasPart II – The National Altas of the United States of America —1970
The Box of VacationsThe Story of William —1945+
The World Geo-Graphical AtlasHerbert Bayer and the CCA —1953
The Cartographic PanoramaH. C. Berann —1954+
Saudi Geological Maps—1967
LandsatThe Satellite Map —1972+
LegolandThe Souvenir Map —1974+

The School Map
Deutscher SchulatlasThe Nazi School Map —1942
Schweizerischer MittelschulatlasEduard Imhof —1958
Atlas of FloridaErwin Raisz and the Landform Map —1964

New York City
The Streets of New YorkPart I – The Commissioners’ Plan —1660–1811
The Streets of New YorkPart II – 19th Century Expansion —1815–1891
The Streets of New YorkPart III – The Three-Dimensional Maps —1856+


Chang and EngNineteenth-Century Broadsides and Engravings —1830+
The Art of the Japanese Stencil-CutterAndrew Tuer —1892
The American WoodsRomeyn Beck Hough —1888+
Astor PlaceNYC Subway Tilesca.1904+
The William S. Merrell Co.Electrotypes on Drugsca.1907
Tests for Colour-BlindnessShinobu Ishihara —1917+
Paul Gets a PassportVacation, All I Ever Wanted —1922
GreenhillsPlanning for a New-Deal Utopia —1936+
The Radio NurseNoguchi as Industrial Designer —1937
Great Ideas of Western ManWalter and Elizabeth Paepcke and the CCA —1937+
The World Geo-Graphical AtlasHerbert Bayer and the CCA —1953
Let’s Ski TyrolMid-Century Travel Ephemera, part I —1954/55
The 356Branding the 1950s Porsche —1948+
The Isetta —1954+
The Great International Paper Airplane BookHoward Gossage —1967
The HP-35The Design of Consumer Electronics —1972
Treasures of TutankhamunThe Design of Consumer Electronics —1977
Pokémon Fossil—1999

The Periodical
Godey’s Lady’s Book —1857+
Today’s Secretary —1961/62
ErosRalph Ginzburg and Herb Lubalin, part I —1962
Avant GardeRalph Ginzburg and Herb Lubalin, part II —1968
The Architectural Forum —1965/66

The Poster
GismondaAlphonse Mucha and Sarah Bernhardt —1894+
F. ChampenoisAlphonse Mucha, part II —1896+
The Flying DillonsThe Strobridge Lithographic Company —1895+
The Ault and Wiborg Poster AlbumThe American Art Nouveau Ad —1902

A David Lance Goines Retrospective
Chez PanisseDavid Lance Goines and Alice Louise Waters —1970+
BachDavid Lance Goines on the Poster —1973
A Constructed Roman AlphabetDavid Lance Goines on Calligraphy —1982

The Record Cover
Whipped Cream & Other DelightsThe Music Mogul & the Supermodel —1965
Unknown PleasuresPeter Saville and Factory Records —1978+
In Through the Out DoorHipgnosis and the 1970s Album Cover —1979

The Tobacco Card
Parasol DrillLewis Ginter and the Tobacco Card —1888
NewsboysThe Tobacco Premiumca.1890+
Wagner (Pittsburg)Baseball, Cigarettes and the T206 —1909

Toys & Games
LegoA Natural History of Package Design —1947+
BilofixGerhardt’s Lego-Killer —1959+
Mille BornesArthur Dujardin/Joseph Callennec —1954
The CounterCharles Roberts, Redmond Simonsen and Information Design —1954+
Football Strategy —1962
Oh-Wah-ReeThe 3M Bookshelf Games —1962+
Let’s Play Twister!Reyn Guyer, Chuck Foley and Neil Rabens —1966


The Rhinoceros —1515+
Systême SilurienJaochim Barrande —1852+
L’Enfer de Dante AlighieriGustave Doré —1862+
A Typical SunspotSamuel Langley —1873
The Trouvelot Astronomical DrawingsÉtienne Trouvelot —1882
PhobiaJohn Vassos —1931
The Dionne Quintuplets —1934+
Betsy, Christina, Siri and HelgaAndrew Wyeth —1939+
Ravielli on SportAnthony Ravielli —1955+
Tips From the TopHerbert Warren Wind and Ravielli, part II —1956
The Sports Illustrated Book of BridgeJerome Snyder —1961
2001: A Space OdysseyRobert McCall —1968
The Ultimate AlphabetMike Wilks —1986+

Children’s Books
Jeanne d’ArcMaurice Boutet de Monvel —1896
The Stars: A New Way to See ThemH. A. Rey —1952
Hier Apollo 11Erich Fuchs —1969 (20 Jul)
The Geranium on the Window SillAlbert Cullum and Harlin Quist —1971
Weitzman on SteamDavid Weitzman —1987+

A Charley Harper Retrospective
Charley and EdieA Charley Harper Retrospective, part I —1947+
The BirdsA Charley Harper Retrospective, part II —1954+
Tin Lizzie and Dinner for TwoA Charley Harper Retrospective, part III —1955+
The Golden Book of BiologyA Charley Harper Retrospective, part IV —1961
Bambi and ChildcraftA Charley Harper Retrospective, part V —1963+
The Animal KingdomA Charley Harper Retrospective, part VI —1968
Frame HouseA Charley Harper Retrospective, part VII —1968+

The Pin-Up
Figure Drawing for All It’s WorthAndrew Loomis —1943
The ModelFritz Willis, Walter Foster and the American Pin-up —1947+
The Esquire Glamour GalleryThe Pin-up Calendar —1948

lists & tables

Hemingway and the Cocktail
The Five Orders
Liturgical Service Books: A Field Guide
I Sommi Pontefici Romani


The Early Processes
The AcadémieThe Early Photographic Nudeca.1840+
The Lemiare Stereo DaguerreotypesThe Stereo Imageca.1852+
The Two Ways of LifeOscar Rejlander —1857
The Ambrotype and the TintypeThe Wet-plate Processesca.1855+

The Albumen Print
The Carte-de-VisiteNineteenth Century Portraitureca.1854+
Sarah BernhardtThe Invention of Celebrity —1864+
The Cabinet CardThe Large-Scale Portraitca.1866+
Cabinet Card BackmarksLate Victorian Advertising —1870+
NewsboysThe Tobacco Premiumca.1890+
Is Marriage a Failure?The Stereograph in America —1901

The Dry Plate
Animal LocomotionEadweard Muybridge —1887
KodakGeorge Eastman and Popular Photography —1888
The Stage and Its StarsThe Photogravure —1890
First FlightThe Wright Brothers —17 Dec 1903
The Silver Gelatin PrintTwentieth Century Portraitureca.1915+

Color Processes
The AutochromeNational Geographic and the Autochrome in America —1914+
KodachromeThe American Vacation —1934+

Modern Photography
Frida and the CameraTwentieth-Century Portraiture —1919+
LeicaThe 35mm Photograph —1925+
PlutoA Brief Photographic History —1930+
Photo 51Rosalind Franklin and the Structure of DNA —1952

EverestThe Early Expedition Photography —1921+
Pie TownRussell Lee on Early Kodachrome for the FSA —1940
Evelyn McHalePhotojournalism as Iconography —1947
AberfanTerence Spencer/Marvin Lichtner —21 Oct 1966

Daguerreotype View of CincinnatiCharles Fontayne and William Porter —1848
Panoramic Views of Cincinnati —1848+
The Tyler Davidson Fountain —1871+

typographia historia/the book arts

The Dawn of Literacy
The Legend of EtanaCuneiformca.2000 BC
Temple of Mentuhotep IIThe Hieroglyphsca.2000 BC
The Edwin Smith PapyrusHieraticca.1600 BC

Evolution of the Alphabet
The Serabit el-Khadim SphinxProto-Sinaiticca.1800 BC
Sarcophagus of Eshmunazar IIPhoenicianca.500 BC
Nestor’s CupThe Greek Alphabetca.750 BC
Bucchero RoosterEtruscanca.700 BC
The Lapis NigerArchaic Latinca.550 BC

The Roman Letter
The Trajan InscriptionCapitalis Monumentalis —113 AD

The Scribal Manuscript
The Codex SinaiticusThe Book —350 AD
Vergilius VaticanusCapitalis Rusticaca.400 AD
The Book of DurrowThe Insular Manuscriptca.650 AD
The Book of KellsInsular Majusculeca.800 AD
Sacramentaire de GelloneCarolingian Minusculeca.790 AD
Books of Hoursca.1350+
The Giant Bible of MainzGothic Texturaca.1453

The Forty-Two Line BibleJohannes Gutenberg —1455
Biblia LatinaPeter Schöffer and Gotico-Antiqua —1462
LactantiusSweynheym, Pannertz and Half-Roman —1465
De Evangelica PraeparationeNicholas Jenson and the Humanist Letter —1470
The Hypnerotomachia PoliphiliFrancesco Colonna —1499

Modern Type
The Declaration of IndependenceColonial Typography —1776+
The Paige CompositorTwain, Paige and the Machine that Destroyed Them —1872+
A Constructed Roman AlphabetDavid Lance Goines on Calligraphy —1982


Die Spalter BockerlThe Glaskasten —1872+
The Moulin de la Galette —1876+
Patty and MichaelThe Corner of Jennings and Illona —1963+
Trial by Fire, Trial by RainThe Indy 500 —1973
The Wreck of the Edmund FitzgeraldThe Annotated Gordon Lightfoot —1975

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